Warning Signs You Need A Root Canal

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A root canal can invoke fear, but do you know that the procedure can save you a lot of trouble? Well, most dental problems people experience can be treated using root canal procedures. But how do you know that a root canal is imminent? Well, check for these warning signs.

Extreme Tooth Decay

Dentists can reverse tooth cavities quickly as long as they identify them early. Unfortunately, some people ignore their cavities until they develop into deep tooth decay. And as you know, extreme tooth decay cannot be solved with dental fillings alone as the decay will continue happening from the inside. Besides, your tooth might start aching at some point. With that said, you'll need to get a root canal before the dental filling is done.

Persistent Pain

Toothaches can give you sleepless nights and affect your quality of life. Most people will even have a difficult time eating. So, if you have persistent tooth pain, you might need a root canal instead of a tooth extraction. Ignoring the pain will only worsen the condition as your gums could start swelling. So, instead of taking painkillers, have a dentist check what's causing the pain.

Swollen Gums

Swollen gums are bound to happen to those who don't practice proper dental hygiene. Besides, your gums are more likely to swell if you have a tooth infection. While most gum infections can be treated, you might need to undergo a root canal procedure, especially if a tooth infection has caused the swelling. A dentist will inspect your gums to determine what's causing the swelling before recommending root canal treatment.

Sensitive Teeth

If you have ever dealt with teeth sensitivity, you understand how uncomfortable it is to eat or drink cold stuff. Sometimes the sensitivity is so intense that you might feel a sharp pain whenever you take something hot or cold. Unless you are okay living with such a condition, you'll definitely need a root canal. The procedure will kill the nerves and blood vessels in your tooth, getting rid of the pain and sensitivity.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

A cracked or chipped tooth might also require you to get a root canal. Some people who have had cracked teeth understand how things can turn sour quickly. Chipped teeth can get infected easily, meaning they'll start aching at some point and become vulnerable to decay. Some people will even complain about sensitivity after their teeth break. With all these possibilities, you should ask your dentist whether a root canal will suffice.


5 July 2022

Mouth Rinses Are Not Just for Bad Breath

I have always brushed and flossed my teeth daily, but I still had the occasional cavity when I visited the dentist for a check-up. He told me it was normal to have a cavity on occasion and that I shouldn't let it stress me out too much. Well, I am not one to just accept any problem I am having, so I started looking into how to improve my oral hygiene even more. I had always thought mouthwash was just to improve your breath, but I found some that said they helped keep cavities away. I started using one every day before bed. I haven't had a cavity in two years now, and I think the mouth rinse is the reason! I created this blog to remind other people that even if they brush and floss regularly, they can always find ways to take even better care of their teeth.