Time To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth? Tips To Deal With The Pain

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The simple fact is 85 percent of adults are going to need their wisdom teeth removed at some point. This procedure gets more difficult as you age, which is why some dentists suggest early removal. This guide will show you a few signs that it may be time to remove your wisdom teeth and how to deal with any pain that you are experiencing. Signs To Look Out For There isn't much you can do to prevent your wisdom teeth from coming in.

31 December 2015

Dealing With A Tooth Abscess

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An abscessed tooth can cause you to experience a lot of pain and discomfort. Also, if the abscess isn't taken care of right away, then it can cause the infection to spread and this can cause other health problems. There can be many reasons why your tooth can get an abscess. This article will educate you on some of the causes of an abscessed tooth, how you can prevent them, and what to do if you get one.

14 December 2015

5 Tips To Survive Getting A Wisdom Tooth Pulled

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If you are having surgery to have a wisdom tooth removed, then you should prepare in advance. Wisdom teeth have to be removed when they are misaligned and impacted. This condition can damage your nerves, adjacent teeth and jawbone. Here are five tips to help you survive getting a wisdom tooth pulled. 1. Bag Of Frozen Sweet Peas After oral surgery, apply an ice bag to your jaw to keep down swelling.

24 November 2015

3 Ways To Keep Your Oral Health In Mind Over The Holidays

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With the holidays on the horizon, it is time to start preparing for celebrations with family and friends. That means that you not only need to break out your decorations and festive clothes, but you also have to make choices about what you are going to eat. During the holidays, many people are mindful of weight gain; however, another important consideration is your oral health. Sweet seasonal treats are a great part of holiday traditions and you do not have to turn away from them; you simply have to moderate your intake of certain things.

4 November 2015

Complications To Watch For When Wearing Braces

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When you have braces put on your teeth it's important for you to watch for signs that something isn't right. This way, you can get back in to have the problem corrected. This article will help you spot potential problems with your braces so you have a better idea of when to go in to have them checked. Gingivitis can occur You will be at a higher risk of gingivitis when you have braces on.

20 October 2015

Three Things You Can Do To Prevent The Need For Orthodontic Care

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Preventing the need for orthodontic care for your child will do much more than simply save you money down the road. It will also save your child from having to go through the unpleasant ordeals involved with orthodontic care, including discomfort and having to wear braces for several years. While there's nothing you can do to guarantee that your child will never need to see an orthodontist, the following three practices can potentially prevent or alleviate orthodontic problems:

6 October 2015

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Root Canals

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Hearing that you need to get a root canal can be incredibly scary. You have probably heard many things about how painful and miserable root canals are. However, the truth of the matter is that a root canal is short, relatively painless, and extremely necessary. To help assuage your fears, here is an overview of how a root canal actually works and why you shouldn't be concerned. What is the goal of a root canal?

16 September 2015

Two Dental Conditions That Could Be Causing Your Porcelain Veneers To Fall Out

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If you have porcelain veneers installed, you understand that having them fall out is anything but a pleasant situation. If you've ever found yourself in this situation, getting your veneers back in place and avoiding a recurrence of this issue becomes priority number one. In some cases, an underlying dental condition is to blame. Here are just a couple of the conditions that could be causing your veneers to fall out.

24 August 2015

Dental Root Treatments For A Periapical Cyst

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A periapical cyst is an inflamed growth that forms in the mouth following a tooth infection. The cyst tends to form under the gums near the far end or apex of the tooth root. Periapical cysts can stay asymptomatic or start to cause frequent discomfort. The untreated infection fueling the cyst can continue to spread through your mouth causing damage to soft tissue, teeth, and bones. Visit your dentist as soon as you start to feel pain in your mouth to see if you have a periapical cyst.

5 August 2015

How To Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

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Your tooth could be considered sensitive if you experience pain when that tooth comes into contact with a food or a liquid that is hot or cold. Experiencing pain when your tooth is in touch with extreme temperatures can make drinking coffee difficult, regardless of whether you get it served hot or on ice. It can make eating ice cream almost impossible. Here are some tips for reducing tooth sensitivity to make sure that you can enjoy drinking and eating your favorite foods without pain.

21 July 2015