Advantages Of And Care For A Dental Post

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Losing a tooth can be a traumatic event. Smiles can open doors, but when a missing tooth makes you scared to smile, you may feel like you are missing out on life. In any case, a dental post can help you to replace your natural tooth with a natural-looking, sturdy tooth. And while a dental post can last for decades, you still need to know how to take care of one.

29 December 2016

A Guide To Finding Dental Care

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If you want your oral health care to be taken with the utmost seriousness, it is imperative that you reach out to a family dental professional in your area. These professionals will be equipped to provide dental care to your entire household and specialize in a number of services. To learn more about finding the right general dentist and how they can help you, read on and factor in these points.

12 December 2016

Don't Let These Holiday Dangers Sabotage Your Dental Health

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The holidays are a time when you want to see your family and friends, watch heartwarming movies, and exchange gifts – not rush yourself to an emergency appointment at the dentist! To make sure this holiday season does not sabotage your dental health, follow these tips to avoid this season's biggest threats to teeth and gums. Eating Sugary Treats Even if you're someone who usually says "no thank you" to sugary treats, you'll probably indulge a bit more over the holidays.

23 November 2016

How You Can Prevent Cavities By Eating

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While many people want their smile to be white and bright, there are other health concerns that should take a greater priority. One of them is tooth decay, since 92 percent of adults have cavities. The decay caused by cavities can lead to teeth that are missing, broken, or discolored, as well as resulting in pain that needs to be treated by a dentist. Preventing cavities will be possible with brushing, flossing, and semi-annual dental cleanings, but there are other things you can do as well.

3 November 2016

Useful Information About Teeth & Removable Dentures

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Have you become comfortable with your missing teeth and smiling without showing them? If the process involved with getting artificial teeth is what keeps you fearful of investing in them, you should stop worrying about it. You must understand that there are ways to replace your missing teeth without having to go through an extensive process. You can opt for replacements that are not permanent, such as removable dentures. Below, you will find helpful information in regards to your oral health.

17 October 2016

Broken Tooth? Replace It With A Same Day Dental Implant

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If you need a quick solution to a broken tooth, same day dental implants can be a great option. Here are some of the steps you would undergo to get an immediate dental implant treatment.  Remove the Tooth The first step in a same day dental implant treatment is to remove the existing tooth structure. Your dentist will take out the tooth and the root material; the roots need to go as well as the tooth to make room for the dental implant's post to connect to your jawbone.

29 September 2016

Can A Gluten Intolerance Or Allergy Damage Your Teeth? This Is What You Should Know

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Around 1 out of every 100 people have an allergic reaction to gluten and young people today are 4 ½ times more prone to this condition than people were in the 1950s. Aside from causing digestive issues, a gluten intolerance or allergy can also cause some serious dental problems. This is what you should know. What about gluten intolerance causes dental problems? One of the symptoms of gluten intolerance includes difficulty absorbing the nutrients in your food, including Vitamin D and calcium.

12 September 2016

2 Causes Of Dental Soft Tissue Swelling -- And How A Dentist Can Help

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Soft tissue within the mouth includes the gums, tongue, and interior cheek lining. Infections in and around teeth can cause the soft tissue to swell, which can cause pain and tenderness. There are a couple of common causes of the swelling and each has its own course of treatment. Consult with your dentist about the best course of action for your particular situation. Infected Tooth: Root Canal Therapy Dental infections can cause inflammation both within and underneath the tooth.

3 August 2016

What You Need To Know About Dental Volunteers

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Volunteering your time and talents to help those less fortunate than yourself is a wonderful way to spend your free time – and no group of people is needed more in the volunteer world than dentists. Whether you're just a dental student, a newly graduated dentist, a long-time practicing dentist, or even a retired dentist, there are always ways you can help improve the teeth – and the lives – of those near you who need your help the most.

3 August 2016

2 Potential Treatments For A Lateral Incisor With A Talon Cusp

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The lateral incisors are the teeth on the upper jaw that flank what are commonly called the "two front teeth." Incisors are used for cutting into food while eating and are thus sharper with no cusps like molar teeth, which need cusps to grind the food passed back before swallowing. But in rare cases, an incisor can develop a cusp on the rear of the tooth due to a condition called talon cusp.

11 June 2016