4 Things That Happen After Dental Implant Surgery

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The process of recovering from getting dental implants is equally as important as the procedure itself. Your home care plays a vital role in how the surgical site heals and if the implant will integrate successfully with your jawbone. Here are a few things to know about what happens after the surgery. What Happens With The Sutures It's important to know what kind of sutures are used in your gums for the dental implant procedure.

18 April 2022

Three Necessities To Save A Knocked-Out Tooth

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Many people will experience having a tooth knocked out at some point in their lives. This can be a painful and traumatic experience to endure, but the good news is that if you know what to do, it's usually possible to save the tooth and put it back where it belongs. By doing so, you can avoid needing additional procedures to have an artificial tooth put in. If you're not sure how to preserve a knocked-out tooth and need to know what to do in a hurry, read this guide.

14 March 2022

Answers To Questions That Patients Repeatedly Ask Regarding Sedation Dentistry

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Dental anxiety affects children and adults alike. Usually, this fear of dental visits stems from the thought of being in pain once in the dental chair. Additionally, the thought of dental instruments such as dental drills, dental syringes, excavating spoons, and more will compound this anxiety. If you do not overcome this dental anxiety, you probably tend to avoid visiting a dentist altogether, which will progressively harm your oral health since you are not seeking preventive maintenance from a professional.

26 January 2022