4 Reasons You Should Not Delay Dental Implant Surgery After Tooth Loss

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You can lose teeth due to accidents, gum diseases, and extreme decay. Some patients aren't bothered by missing teeth, especially if the gap is hidden. Unfortunately, failure to replace your teeth could put your oral health at serious risk. This piece will highlight reasons you shouldn't wait too long to get implants after losing your teeth.

1. Self Esteem Issues

Your teeth are probably the first thing people notice when you smile. A huge gap between teeth can dent your self-confidence. This might make you avoid smiling or interacting with people. However, you cannot afford to hide your smile every time you are in public. If you want to rectify the issue, consider getting dental implants. This teeth replacement option provides a natural look that will restore your smile and help you regain self-confidence.

2. Risk of Bone Loss

Your jawbone maintains its density and mass due to the stimulation by the tooth anchored in it. When you lose a tooth, the bone underneath lacks enough stimulation to maintain strength and mass. Over time, it deteriorates and affects the appearance of your face. Since the jawbone supports your facial tissues, your cheeks may appear sunken, making you look older. However, you can avoid bone loss by setting an appointment with a specialist for dental implants when you lose your teeth. The implants act like tooth roots to ensure adequate stimulation and prevent bone loss.  

3. Avoid Gum Diseases

A gap exposes your gums to bacteria and increases your risk of gum diseases. The disease might make your gums bleed, swell, and recede. As the inflammation on the gums worsens, other adjacent teeth may lose stability and begin to fall off. Besides paying for implants, you'll have to treat the gum disease and incur more on replacing other lost teeth.

4. Affect Your Eating Abilities

You need all your teeth to chew food properly. When you lose a tooth, your chewing abilities are affected. You may soon have to avoid hard foods, leading to severe malnourishment. Poor nutrition puts you at risk of developing other severe conditions such as anemia, heart disease, and obesity. Tooth implants function like natural teeth and restore your ability to eat your favorite foods. This should boost your health.

If you are skeptical about getting dental implants, this post highlights convincing reasons you should not delay this treatment. Consult a reputable dentist for more information about dental implant treatment to make informed decisions or discover more here,


22 November 2022

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