Why Dental Implants May Be A Better Option Than Dentures

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Dental implants have been around a while, but dentures are still used by many people who need to replace several or all of their natural teeth. There are good reasons for getting either dentures or implants, but there are a few ways that implants shine over traditional dentures. 

Fit of the Teeth

It's not uncommon to hear people say that the dentures they have are loose and require some form of adhesive to keep them in place. This happens because over time, the bone in the jaw shrinks, and the denture that was made to fit a specific shape profile can't change with the bone. The denture gets loose and the only real solution is to make a new one, and that is often cost-prohibitive. 

Dental implants are installed in the bone surgically, so they are far less likely to be affected by bone loss, and in many cases, the surgical steel posts that are placed in the bone help to slow the bone loss. The result is a better fit and teeth that do not move but act more like natural teeth.

Care of the Teeth

Denture wearers know that they need to take their dentures out at night and put them in a cleaning solution to kill germs and clean the teeth. The process of cleaning dentures is not difficult, but it can be a little time-consuming and tedious day after day. 

Cleaning your dental implants is easy. You brush your teeth like normal and the implants get brushed as well. They stay in place, which means they get the same cleaning that your natural teeth would get. Most dentists recommend a toothpaste that does not have a lot of abrasive material in it if you have implants, and the same toothpaste is better for natural teeth as well. 

Longevity of the Teeth

When you get dentures, you will have to eventually replace them. For some people, the dentures will last for many years, but for others, the dentures will need replacing in less than ten years. This creates a situation where you will have to pay for dentures several times over a lifetime of wearing them.

Dental implants are designed to be placed in the wearer's mouth once, and they should not need to be replaced often unless they are damaged in some way. Replacing an implant is possible, and the steel posts do not need to come out in the process, which makes changing a tooth easier, more cost-effective, and less invasive for the patient. For more information about dental implants, speak to a dental professional.


10 October 2019

Mouth Rinses Are Not Just for Bad Breath

I have always brushed and flossed my teeth daily, but I still had the occasional cavity when I visited the dentist for a check-up. He told me it was normal to have a cavity on occasion and that I shouldn't let it stress me out too much. Well, I am not one to just accept any problem I am having, so I started looking into how to improve my oral hygiene even more. I had always thought mouthwash was just to improve your breath, but I found some that said they helped keep cavities away. I started using one every day before bed. I haven't had a cavity in two years now, and I think the mouth rinse is the reason! I created this blog to remind other people that even if they brush and floss regularly, they can always find ways to take even better care of their teeth.