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As your teenager grows and matures into adulthood, you can only hope they will be wise as they do so. So-called wisdom teeth usually emerge during the late teen and early adult time periods, traditionally a time to gain independence and, hopefully, wisdom. Actually, wisdom teeth are really the third molars and they often require some extra care as they emerge. Read on to find out what might be happening to your young adult as their wisdom teeth come in.

Common Problems with Wisdom Teeth

In many cases, there is not enough room for these teeth in an already crowded gum line. Here are some common problems associated with the emergence of these teeth:

  1. Wisdom teeth may be slow to emerge, which sets up the stage for bacteria growth as it enters the vulnerable and often sore gum line. Bacteria lead to decay in the surrounding teeth and gum diseases. At the very least, slow-to-grow wisdom teeth can make gums tender and the pain can extend to the jaw.
  2. If there is no room for the wisdom tooth, it can crowd out other teeth and lead to crooked and damaged teeth.
  3. If the wisdom tooth is stubborn about coming through, it can become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth could cause permanent damage to the bones of the jaw and root damage to nearby teeth if not addressed quickly.
  4. To have a thoroughly clean mouth, you must be able to floss and brush every surface. Emerging wisdom teeth can create a situation where food particles get trapped. This leads to cavities.

Treatment for Wisdom Tooth Problems

An impacted wisdom tooth must be removed and that requires dental surgery. Speak to your dentist about anesthesia options. This is a minor surgery, but intravenous pain relief always comes with a risk. If the tooth is not impacted but causing other problems, removal of the tooth might be recommended. Removal of a wisdom tooth, beyond the usual risks for minor surgeries, carries no impact to the long-term status of your oral health.

It is often thought that the negative effect on the other teeth by emerging wisdom teeth is reason enough to plan for their removal. It should be emphasized, however, that if the ill effects of the wisdom teeth pass and the tooth is able to emerge without damaging other teeth, there is no reason to have them removed.

If your teenager keeps their wisdom teeth, make sure they understand the need for continuous monitoring. Some adults are surprised when problems with their wisdom teeth revisit them in their thirties or later. Contact local dentist offices to learn more.


14 June 2019

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