3 Times Sedation May Be Necessary For Children

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Most children, even those who are nervous about going to the dentist, are going to be able to go to the dentist and make it through their visit without the need for more than a kind and patient doctor. However, this is not the case for all children. Some children have high levels of anxiety or other special needs that may make sedation necessary. Other children may need sedation when they require a procedure that

#1 High Levels of Anxiety

Some children just have more anxiety in general than other children. If your child has high anxiety levels or has specifically been diagnosed with high anxiety levels in general, sedation maybe an option to help your child relax and not worry about their dental cleaning.

Sedation may also be used for children who have anxiety just about going to the dentist. Some children develop a fear of going to the dentist. Regardless of if you feel the fear is rational, it can be very real and scary for your child. Mild sedation, such as nitrous oxide or orally administrated drugs can help your child relax and get the medical care they need.

#2 Certain Special Needs

If your child has special needs, sedation may be right for them. There are a wide range of special needs that a person can have; you know your child's history and your child's behavior. If your child is not able to sit still long enough to have their teeth cleaner or if your child has sensory issues that would make it difficult for them to tolerate having their mouth touched, sedation may be an option. If your child is not able to control their motions, strong sedation may be required to complete dental procedures and keep everyone safe during the procedures. Only you know your child's specific condition; be sure to talk to your child's doctor to make sure that mild sedation would be a healthy choice for your child.

#3 Procedures that Require Precision

It can be difficult for young children to sit still. If your child needs a procedure the requires precision, such as having a cavity filled or a tooth extracted, some form of mild sedation may be necessary. Mild sedation can help your child relax and can help prevent your child from moving too much during a serious procedure where precision is key.

Be sure to have an in-depth conversation with your dentist if the subject comes up of sedation dentistry for your child. You want to make sure that sedation dentistry is right for your child and that your dentist knows your child's full medical history before proceeding with this procedure. Contact a clinic, like Eberting Orthodontics, for more help.


26 September 2018

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