Four Fabulous Ways To Make Family Dentistry An Awesome Experience In Your Household

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While the thought of going to the dentist doesn't always conjure up the most pleasant thoughts for a lot of people, there are ways in which you can change all that for your family. Going to the dentist is, after all, a highly beneficial and healthy practice, so why not make the most of it? 

Here are 4 ways to make family dentistry an awesome experience in your household. These will be especially helpful if your kids or partner (or you, for that matter) have any qualms about getting into that big, sterile chair.

1. Make A Contest Out Of Dental Checkups

If there's any competitive spirit in your house, capitalize on it when it comes to trips to the dentist. For example, you could offer cash and other incentives for the member of the family who has the best checkup each year. You could also extend the competition to reach long-term benefits, such as promising something huge and awesome to the child in your household who has the least number of cavities by age 10 or 15. While they may have to wait for the prize, they're sure to take good care of their teeth in the meantime.

2. Offer Prizes For Reaching Milestones

Losing a first tooth or visiting the dentist for the first time is a big deal, and if you celebrate it, you're going to be encouraging your kids to look forward to that big dental chair, making it easier and more effective to keep up with oral health care goals. Have a special dinner of mac and cheese with tomatoes if that's somebody's favorite who just got back from their first real cleaning at the family dentist -- or let them choose which game to play for family game night. Mention the event like it really matters on a few occasions, in order to emphasize how valuable it is to pay close attention to teeth and their needs.

3. Try And Schedule Appointments Together

Particularly if you have a family member afflicted with dental anxiety, scheduling checkups together can ease the worry, providing needed support from other family members. Even if everyone is at ease taking a seat in that big chair, going together can keep the spirit of competition and awareness going strong. As an added benefit, group scheduling may also be easier on you.

4. Get The Family Excited About Oral Healthcare

So long as you have your dentist's approval regarding brands, brushes, and fluoride, let everyone pick out their own styles and flavors. You could buy the smaller tubes of toothpaste to keep costs down, but allowing each person a little individuality can keep the excitement going. Having a favorite character and color of brush permits a little personality to shine through, and if you include cool colors and flavors with your floss, you've covered every important dental requirement for strong and healthy teeth and gums. Always be sure everyone takes care of their teeth at appropriate times, emphasizing the significance of maintaining a strict, but fun regimen not just now when they're part of the family, but for a long time to come, too.

It's only natural to be somewhat apprehensive of the friendly folks sticking shiny instruments in your mouth, but since dentistry is such a vital component of your family's health, why not make it more fun, exciting and ultimately, successful, by creating a big to-do about it? Engaging in these activities will help alleviate fears, encourage better brushing and flossing, and hopefully make everyone a little more proud of their beautiful pearly whites.


18 May 2017

Mouth Rinses Are Not Just for Bad Breath

I have always brushed and flossed my teeth daily, but I still had the occasional cavity when I visited the dentist for a check-up. He told me it was normal to have a cavity on occasion and that I shouldn't let it stress me out too much. Well, I am not one to just accept any problem I am having, so I started looking into how to improve my oral hygiene even more. I had always thought mouthwash was just to improve your breath, but I found some that said they helped keep cavities away. I started using one every day before bed. I haven't had a cavity in two years now, and I think the mouth rinse is the reason! I created this blog to remind other people that even if they brush and floss regularly, they can always find ways to take even better care of their teeth.