Dealing With A Tooth Abscess

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An abscessed tooth can cause you to experience a lot of pain and discomfort. Also, if the abscess isn't taken care of right away, then it can cause the infection to spread and this can cause other health problems. There can be many reasons why your tooth can get an abscess. This article will educate you on some of the causes of an abscessed tooth, how you can prevent them, and what to do if you get one.

Common causes of an abscessed tooth

Anytime bacteria is able to get into the pulp of your tooth, you will be at risk of getting an abscess. Some examples of things that may cause such a vulnerability include cavities, tooth decay and breaks in your teeth.

Preventing a tooth abscess

Keeping your teeth in optimal health is very important for many reasons and avoiding abscessed teeth is one of them. Along with making sure you follow good regular oral hygiene habits, you also want to make sure you take other precautions. Some of these precautions include wearing a mouth guard to play sports and not using your teeth for anything other than eating food, such as using them to open packages.

The signs of a tooth abscess

Some of the signs of an abscessed tooth include pain in the area of the tooth, swelling of your gums in the area nearest to the affected tooth, redness, possibly a bump on your gum, bad breath, a bad taste in your mouth, a fever, and a feeling of illness. It's important to note that the feeling of illness and fever can signify that the abscess has become more serious and immediate medical attention should be sought.

What you can do when you have an abscess

If you suspect you have an abscessed tooth, then you want to get in to see the dentist. However, until they are able to get you in, you want to try to keep your mouth as clean as possible by brushing more than normal and using mouthwash.

Avoid eating or drinking anything too hot or cold since this can cause you more pain. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever for pain control. Placing an ice pack on your jaw can also help with pain and inflammation.

How abscessed teeth are treated

The dentist will give you antibiotics to treat the infection. Depending on how severe the abscess is, they may also drain it and clean the area. If the abscess is caused by a tooth that's in very bad shape, they may also suggest a root canal.

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14 December 2015

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I have always brushed and flossed my teeth daily, but I still had the occasional cavity when I visited the dentist for a check-up. He told me it was normal to have a cavity on occasion and that I shouldn't let it stress me out too much. Well, I am not one to just accept any problem I am having, so I started looking into how to improve my oral hygiene even more. I had always thought mouthwash was just to improve your breath, but I found some that said they helped keep cavities away. I started using one every day before bed. I haven't had a cavity in two years now, and I think the mouth rinse is the reason! I created this blog to remind other people that even if they brush and floss regularly, they can always find ways to take even better care of their teeth.