Dental Veneers For Resizing Teeth: The Process, Benefits & How Much They Cost

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Do you have large front teeth that give you an unusual appearance when smiling? If you want to fix the problem without your teeth looking unnatural, you may what to consider investing in dental veneers. In this article, discover how dental veneers can be used for resizing large teeth and how much they will cost.

How Can Dental Veneers Be Used for Reducing the Size of Teeth?

Porcelain veneers are ideal for resizing teeth because they can enhance other aspects of your smile as well, such as improving the color of your teeth. A thin layer of porcelain will be placed on top of the tooth enamel. You won't have to worry about the veneers making your teeth look unnaturally thick because your tooth enamel will be filed down before the veneers are attached.The amount of filing will depend on how much smaller you want your teeth.

A resin that is light-sensitive will be used as the bonding agent for securing the veneers to your teeth. After the resin and veneers are in place, the dentist will use a special light that begins the curing process (hardening the resin). No one will know that you have veneers because they will be customized for your specific teeth and are permanent. You can eat and drink with your veneers without them moving or falling out of your mouth.

The only downfall about getting veneers is that you can never get the portion of your natural enamel back that was filed down. However, you won't have to worry about the enamel coming back if you take care of the veneers. You may also have a temporary period where your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold food, but it will subside in no time. Keep your veneers brushed like your natural teeth to keep your oral health in good shape. No need to worry about the veneers getting stained from food or drinks.

What is the Average Price of Dental Veneers?

You are looking to spend an average of $500 to $1,300 for each porcelain veneer. The price will depend on how thick the porcelain is. It is in your best interest to plan on paying for your veneers with assistance from your insurance company, as cosmetic procedures are not usually covered. However, you may be able to make payments on your veneers if the service is offered by your dentist. Make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist so your teeth can be resized with dental veneers! 


11 April 2015

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