Do You Have Pain In Your Teeth? Learn Why A Root Canal May Be Needed For Safety

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Pain from dental problems can be a sign that you need to have a root canal performed on one or multiple teeth. You must get examined by a dentist right away to find out where the pain stems from and what kind of treatment is needed before the problem gets worse. Learn how a root canal can help keep your teeth in a safe condition and how much it will cost.

How Can a Root Canal Keep Teeth in a Safe Condition?

The main thing a root canal can do is prevent an infected tooth from becoming worse. Infected teeth are more than just painful – they can lead to your entire body becoming inflamed. If the pulp chamber is damaged, bacteria can get into your blood vessels and cause you to become unhealthy. The pulp chamber has nerves and blood vessels and is located at the lowest layer of each of your teeth.

A root canal is also vital when you have pain from a deep cavity. You don't want to leave your tooth in such a condition so long that the pain goes away on its own. The reason you don't want the pain to go away is because it is a sign that the nerves in your pulp chamber have died from an infection. Cavities can get filled with dental putty to protect the nerves from getting infected.

You may also end up with jawbone and tooth loss if you fail to get a root canal when one is needed. The tooth that is infected will continue to decay away and may cause problems for teeth that surround it.

How Much Will a Dentist Charge for a Root Canal?

You can expect to pay a dentist an average of around $1,000 for a root canal. However, it will depend on which of your teeth are in need of the procedure. Front teeth should be less expensive to treat than the molars at the back of your mouth. The expenses for a root canal that you will have to pay out of pocket will also depend on whether or not you have dental insurance, as well as how much they are willing to pay on your behalf.

Don't leave your painful teeth unattended by a dentist and rely on over-the-counter pain medications for comfort. Make an appointment with a dentist like those at the Family Dentistry Of Woodstock to see if you need a root canal to treat the root of the problem!


22 January 2015

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